27 octobre 2010

Nos anciens étudiants exposent...

Stéphane Ebner à l'Institut culturel danois
L'Institut culturel danois et la Galerie Art Base organisent conjointement l'exposition “Sleep sleep”. Voici un extrait de leurtexte de présentation : « Two young artists – Stephane Ebner and Julie Sparsø Damkjaer - explore the world of sleep and the reign of the night. Stephane Ebner is a Belgian artist who has a master degree in illustration. With his drawings for ‘Souffle’, Ebner proved to be a talented and innovating poet and illustrator. On display at the Danish Cultural Institute are the paintings he made for two new books, ‘La nuit piano’ and ‘Les amants monotype’. Julie Sparsø Damkjaer is a Danish visual artist working with video, photography and performance. She exhibited in Berlin, Hamburg, Bergen, Oslo, and many other cities. Her exploration of the world of sleep is full of strangeness and surprise. Several photographs of empty beds in the morning as well as two video-installations involving her own sleeping self form the core of her exhibition at Art Base. For both of these artists we could say : they create poetry around this other half of us, this part of our life that we call sleep. Who we are when we are unconscious and sound asleep ? What happens around us while we are there but not aware ? Sssssshhh… don’t tell ! »

Institut culturel danois : 35, rue Royale à 1000 Bruxelles
Vernissage le 13 novembre à partir de 16h
Exposition du 13 novembre au 13 décembre